Däd – necro Xmas calendar. 1 track a day until Xmas.

Däd leaves this mortal coil, but do not cry, we give you here our final EP, which we did before we called it a day.
Track 6 – At My Job – a DK cover.
Recorded by Teemu and mastered by Jaakko.

Däd packs it in!

Two and a half years after we started, we´ve said what we wanted to say and did what we wanted to do.

Final tally is a cassette, a vinyl EP and a coming 6 song CD called Lawn of Purity.

For the upcoming CD, you can help us by pre-ordering it for 6 €

We are also offering a full Däd package. 15 Euros gets you everything we ever did (MC, EP & CD) and a cloth patch too.

We will play some shows this autumn. Catch us while you can, starting at Bar Loose on Friday 28/8. We’ll announce a farewell show sometime before Xmas.

But yeah, we´re done. Go bother mom.

Cheers and thanks
Karstein, Lasse & Heikki

Dad´s on Radio Helsinki tomorrow!

The New Music Show will be playing bits of our last 12″ around 20 tomorrow. People from Pintandwefall will be “judges”, as if anyone can judge us! Hah! Still, bloody excellent to get our stuff out on the airwaves.

Tune in here: www.radiohelsinki.fi

Dad´s still grumbling. New shows, good reviews, more free music.

Hey, we just added two shows, one at Vernissa 24/4 together with SUR-RUR, Fate VS Free Willy and Merries. The other one is at Vastavirta Thursday 28/5 together with Shangri Blahs and Ville Pirinen´s Combat School.
Our first two shows outside of Hellsinki! Yeah!

Thanks to everyone who showed up at our Henry´s, Lepis and Darkside shows. Big love to the bands we had the pleasure of sharing a stage with too.
We had a blast, (Having a “blast” has nothing to do with flatulence, silly)

Also Toinen Vaihtoehto reviewed our EP:


You can now listen to two tracks from last November´s EP on the “listen” page.

Otherwise? We´re good. Headed to the studio this weekend.

Dad kicks off the new year with The Shangri-Blahs!


Free gig, even!


Kitchen Solutions video

Dad´s made a tune! Then Dad recorded it! Then Dad made a record! Now Dad did a video for the tune from the record! Ain´t Dad good?
Yes. Dad is good.

Press release – compressed


EP press release

Punk band Dad releases EP on Father´s Day

Dad is a Helsinki punk band started in April 2013. 
Dad is:
Heikki, drums
Lasse, bass
Karstein, guitar + vox

(Members have spent decades in bands like Kätyrit, Nazca and Annukka and have silly many records made between them)

Dad´s releasing a vinyl EP with 7 tunes on Father´s Day. This EP is Dad´s debut on vinyl.

The songs are:
Guantanamo Bay
Stockholm Syndrome
Kitchen Solutions
Shopping 4 ever
You Broke My Stuff

The EP was recorded 16th-17th of August by Teemu from Fun. That´s Fun, the excellent Helsinki band, not the horrible yank one.

It will be out by Father´s Day. The EP release party will commence at Friday 7/11 Sir Oliver, Merihaka with our friends The Spoonshiners and The Mymmelins.

About Dad:
Dad plays punkrock in the Flipper/Hüsker Dü/DK style. The subject matter is sleep deprivation and assorted dementia following the miracle of procreation, as well as the unraveling horrors of adulthood.

Mission statement:
Anyone saying punk rock is a young person´s game is either lying or a goddamn fool. The movers and shakers of punk are all in their 50´s and 60´s. Punkrock is at best geezer culture and Dad is here to prove it.

Punkrock should be honest. Punkrock should be direct. The credo of “three chords and the truth” still applies. That´s why we´re not gonna pretend we´re young delinquents being hassled by the man. Fuck that. 

We´re suburban parents in our early 40s. We OWN our mediocrity and unhipness and we´ll make good use of it.

Dad aspires to personify the “sad old men”-term that is bandied about so nilly willy nowadays. Getting old is the last taboo.
Dad is not pleased with you. Dad thinks your pathetic attempts at coolness are silly and sad. Dad will mess you up. Dad knows best.
Dad´s not a joke band, but Dad has a sense of humour. 

“Taking fun as simply fun
and earnestness in earnest
shows how thoroughly thou none
   of the two discernest.”

-Piet Hein

Dad – aging and raging since 2013

EP Covers are here!

Hansaprint in Pärnu are the fastest, easiest and most reliable printer´s ever. Fantastic job! These look great!

Another EP outtake

Just for you, my friend. Special price!